Friday, February 10, 2006

Unexpected Gifts of Unendurable Bliss

pixies propel from rustling reeds
traces bend into the indigo night
they burn bright then fade,
like expectations of life
bottle rockets
packaged up by bows
short shrieking shocks to the soul
imagination explodes
shattering the molds of love
dead wings flittering against physics,
turning traces of dust
gifts to the universe
touching the crust
in the silence of indigo dusk.
Rhythms of the Universe
If you could hear me from such a distance
your hips would be slaves to my drum
pale pads pressed, puncturing your pendulum
just enough not to break the skin
to control the rhythm with in
to shine through the glare of your diamonds hidden.
A spoken word amplifies my soul
the rhythm in my hands-
is the rhythm in your bones
like the universal force that acquainted us
a psychadelic whim at a raging rave
your energy breathing fate between my teeth
I inhaled you
centered my peace.