Wednesday, March 09, 2011


The drawn out dreary clouds broke
parting the fog of cigarette smoke
and you shined through from across the room.
Your gazing rays dissipated the drunken dew
accumulating on the cells of my skin.
The concentration of your lips
pulled me through the wall of oil-black-noise
the overzealous running of neglect.

A bushel of nettles in a patch of thistles
an essential herb, a remedy rooted
in the soil of my attention.
Soft dark eyes of sediment
nutrients in which i wanted to delve
my fingertips and feel the moisture
of Earth's precious gift
to stir, to taste, to sift.

With days passed I retained
the radiance of your warmth, your gift of growth
and life, the energy of your pulse
the pure vessels of your core in which I swam
buoyant as saline
that glistens on the crust of our being.
The shimmering heat of lust and love
you shined through and reflected into me.