Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jugglers Ball

We dance
slender waist tossed between primitive drum sticks
a tribal tango
where I control and she leads
her red skirt twirling
crimson twists turning black
in a spherical whirl of alternated angles
she planes, lifts off
her hair a straight streak
and at that moment
that second she defies gravity
my bones bend
she touches down again
rolling toward balance
I caress her
try to keep up
one step behind
until she planes to alleviate weight
then falls
we waltz in circles
until the next tango
Bathtub Confessions

in bubble spheres
upon rested palms
naked knees
shimmering sounds of truth,
she asked,
the craziest place he'd ever had sex
"swirling machines
infectious coins
for the cleanest clothes
scented sheets smothering sweat
liquid twists and tumbling tops."
She confessed,
"second floor from the top
in a crazed cage of lust lit buttons
broken at the seam
in a box of beams
in a descending ride
breasts floating
like bubble spheres
shimmering steam
and naked knees.