Monday, November 20, 2006

Cynacism between the lines

I could squeeze your neck just to see how blue your face could possibly be, a blueberry balloon ready to burst in the clutches of my dwindling patience. Hit you just to see how much damage I could do in one blow. I often wonder because I’m not an aggressive person. A hand slap, crack to the rack to slow your dome. Straighten your eyes! Think before you speak, you ranter! Over excessive comments in the most ear cringing tone, so dull and monotonous, tumbling, stumbling once in stride, on monosyllabic words. Inuyasha-cross around a neck, skewed belief and culture, open your door, be expansive, be realistic, but take a chance, “high school lovers” don’t dance in the fairy-lit-moonlight and how would samurai feel about your words?

Google-e-eyes on la professora, forcible laughter at silent moments, (eyes roll,) keep your head straight, not like a curious dog.

Take your fingers off your chin your not profound! Body language speaks louder than words.

Respect has broken the sound barrier.

Stop drinking mountain dew, it is legal crack and you might choke on your own words. Just calm down, gather yourself. Stop twitching and recycle the habit, renew it for something worth sipping.

“The …dot-dot-dot,” those are called ellipses.

A couple of mice should hook up. He could organize a musical essay, strum the keys on his palm pilot, just for her, while she creates her own cultural dance, the twittipated-shimmy-shake with a geeked out twist, and yellow-5-dye stained teeth.

Vibrant chartreuse, lines like an illusion game, laced up heeled boots, and patch pants, all under a velvet green cloak, keeps the room interesting, lit up like a Christmas tree in a theatrical roll playing game, and I expect her to roll dice for the next thing that she wants to say.

Sitting close to me the next “sane uni-bomber” recites reflections for his new screen play called “Life.” He touches on all the tasteful things, and all the abstract images my mind can handle, and leaves me wanting more. In order to take a stand against what we don’t believe in, violent forcible acts are necessary, and this man should be followed into battle.

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