Saturday, August 04, 2007

Owed to Allen Ginsgerg, The Beats, and all who struggled to find themselves in between WWII and The Cold War.
Infinite admiration for the courage that resided within humanity.
A Howling New Historicist

We still see men lose minds to madness of generations.

Hypnotized by tele-screens, black and white propogandic magazines,
Prescribed morphine, and LSD.
Ginsberg saw these things
Post-war products strung on Benzedrine, traumatized from memory,
Poured back into society
Pinned down in a democratic ditch between freedom and fists
Full of ludes
Trying to escape the fight on fascism, control of communism,
Trying to hide from conglomerate eyes peering behind billboards and the tops of glass-precipice
palaces, burning money, sustaining a binary caste.
He saw discriminate palms that held their own cocks slap innocent mouths which held
someone else’s
Heads weighted down by shame for seeking identity
Hidden hand-jobs under bridges, practicing the art of straight-jacket-sutra
Painting white-cement walls
Walking out on euphoric ground until the next fix
Masculine lips
A long pin-prick-kiss
Drawing lives already lost stumbling down walkways
Asphalt-open veins
Red white and blue blooming inside dual kaleidoscopes
Vomit coated shoes
Powder coated pills, eyes wide all night, writing, smoking, scratching gibberish to make a
a grey voice for society.


Anonymous said...

I always think of Hemingway when I read your work -- he believed that every word counted for something. From your title to your last line you choose the right word -- no extraneous for you! I admire that in writing and in your writing.

You have captured Ginsberg's feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness -- from his political suppressions to his hidden homosexuality. You've spoken for all oppressed people who don't have identity unless it fits the mold. You've brought the past into the present -- on many levels.

The "grey" voice for society is grey in so many ways -- neither right nor left, old in his thoughts, depressed.

I am so excited to read your Mexico poems.


Colleen said...

in reading this again it strikes me that I want to hear you perform this open-mike slam style. possibility?