Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Carelessness of a Flustered Mind

shirts soaring,
drifting like feathered sails,
tossed, turning over a second floor rail

shorts and single socks
a spiraled ball of disloyalty—
spinning between gravity and air
tossed turning over a second floor rail

a gold wedding band—
flipping, glimmering in the sun
impaled heart
pumping, tumbling over a second floor rail

an unzipped suitcase
end over end
flapping like an overweight bird
diving toward strewn loose luggage

her eyes stared
glazed with rage,
tears, sweat-smeared mascara
thoughts like streaks on her face
smudged but bold

the carelessness of a flustered mind
toppling over,
a spinning spiral,
end over end,
laying loose, like luggage.

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