Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lust Conquers Love Two Nights A Week For Eternity

A poem created from the lyrics of Bruce Cockburn’s In the Falling Dark merged with Aspects of Human Sexuality, by Robert Kaplan

The moon, a toothless grin
External labia majora
floating on the evening wind
thick tough skin
lights tumbled out like gems
ready to “swing”
with a million whispering footsteps
slipping from hand to hand
cowper’s gland producing-
so many grains of sand,
enzymes and nutrients
The smells of sweat, lube oil,
And burnt rubber
Pervade the night.
Glory shining around the beast
Chemical spermicide-
caught taking a dive
intrauterine infection
The world fades out,
Like a diaphragm insertion,
an overheard remark,
thoughts of abstinence and masturbation
While catching the light and falling into dark.

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