Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mists of Salinity

Lingering in my mind
Like the glide of the tide-
Rolling on the damp-compact sand
Then residing
Waves crashing in a splashing roar,
Like a white kite covered in liquid lights-
Against my mental bluffs of stone
Pulsating, penetrating crevices
Eroding my cellular wall-
With ionic compounds of lust and laughter
The molecular structure of love,
Slung against me
Incredibly defying gravity,
A parasail suspended in the mists of salinity
Moving my blood in a whisper of waves
Subtle breaths-
Against the moon
Gravitational tug-o-war
Between Venus and Mars
Love and lustful-battle,
In a grapple for the outcome of my future
Head and arms locked
Pressing with Godly strength
Kneeling to the cold earth
Camera flashes,
And event lights-
gleam from the stadium of the universe
But no one is cheering.

1 comment:

Tan said...

Looks like you found your words. Where have you been to have created such a dark piece of writing? My soul feels as if its been ripped asunder.