Thursday, December 08, 2005

Shoveling Bocci Balls Around The Moon

A channel dispenser,
oh fire at retnas,
said she’d go madder than me,
“fourteen taller,” our motto,
nail a front wing
icey mocha, an evening pond,
sewer in sections
it’s so freezing in sigma
evolved shell
grain, easily-
the kissers dream
raging for cognates at reverend affluenza
denostril harder
phrase stanza system-
on the armor paved torso,
frugile core,
lashing origami
sway, impress it,
pinch it extreme
ivy sack condom-
gnawed apart before cheap poses
fart neon
dual my signature,
seen no scar
infinity seconds
a roaring stream-
shoveling bocci balls around the moon.

ABOUT THE PIECE: This started as an assignment in my creative writing class called a homophonic translation. I was given text in Italian, and the assingment was to translate the words into English using the sounds of the words. I titled my blog after this piece because I think it signifies the creativeness I've tapped into this year, and surreal thoughts keep the pen moving for days. Make of it what you will, it's for the reader to pick apart and go wherever the images may take you.

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